Our exaggerated style is generally well recognized in the haunt industry and, of course, worldwide for those that have witnessed our stage shows. We've learned over the years how to create solid, functional, and durable costumes that could last a lengthy tour. We're bringing over twenty years of that experience to the table and making it available to those that need a costume for their horror attraction or for someone that just needs that extra badass costume for their next cosplay event.

All of our costumes can be purchased as a whole set or broken down into individual pieces. We'll also handle custom paint jobs. If you're looking for something a little wild or extreme, contact us today, and we'll be glad to work with you and your budget.  Before pulling the trigger on anything have a look at our processes and the services we offer.


We start with your vision or idea. No matter how rough or refined; we work within the constraints of a clients' concept and/or budget. Even if all you need is a Brand character; we can design it. The difference between us and a design shop is that we can also build it. We've been drawing and scribbling for most of our lives and the rest has been dedicated to creating stage shows and characters. We're adept at building a backstory for a character and applying that to help develop something truly unique.


Once the client is happy with the design, we determine all factors and variables before committing to the actual product.  A multi-step process follows:

  • Sculpting
  • Creating the molds
  • Casting the positives
  • Assembly of the character
  • Painting
  • Final Detailing

We stay in contact with clients throughout the entire process to ensure we stay on topic, hit deadlines and remain within budget

Custom Paint

If you like one of our original pieces but you're looking for a different paint job, just let us know and we can adjust accordingly during the fabrication process.

Illustration and Commissioned Services

Above and beyond bringing some gnarly beast to life, we also offer more subtle services.  We are born artists and we love to continually create things either within or without the GWAR universe.  If you have something in mind, please feel free to contact us for any commissioned or illustration artwork you may need done.  We'll try to give you an estimate of time and a price range for each piece requested.


PO Box 7998, Richmond, VA 23223