We've tried to address some of the many questions that may arise when purchasing something from us or just in general.  If you still need something answered, please feel free to contact us for further information as needed.

What services does Corotted Artistry provide?

Corotted Artistry provides complete bottom to top character design and fabrication as well as any level in between. Have fabricators, but need a design? Have a concept that needs building? Corotted Artistry has you covered!

Corotted Artistry also offers a line of over the top original costumes in addition to the official licensing the GWAR character costumes.

In addition to all these services, all of our artists are available for private art comissions. We love to make stuff!

Who is Corotted Artistry

Corotted Artistry was created in 2010 by Bob Gorman and Matt Maguire, two of the main visual artists behind the rock band GWAR’s props and costumes. Since then, we've enlisted the help of some other talented artists to keep our ideas fresh and to stay on target with customer requests when we're involved with GWAR projects. We kicked things off with the notion that we wanted to create things above and beyond GWAR. In doing so Corotted Artistry is now the sole driving force behind GWAR's costumes, props, and sets. It has given us the opportunity to branch out further with our outlandish creations and reach a wider audience in return.

What type of materials does Corotted Artistry use?

For the pre-existing designs, Corotted Artistry uses durable pre-vulcanized rubber, polyfoam and a wide array of time tested other materials. For new designs and construction, the sky is the limit!

How long does the fabrication process usually take?

For the pre-existing designs (what you see on our website), there is usually a four week fabrication time. Smaller cast pieces typically take up to two weeks. New designs are generally on a case by case scenario depending on the scale of the design and how quickly the project can be solidifed. Timing is always approximate as the curing time of the rubber depends upon how much is used. Painting and finishing times are included in this approximation to give a better estimation on completion time.

We wait until your entire order is finished and painted, then carefully box and ship to you.

Why are the costumes so expensive?

Corotted Artistry hand makes every single piece of the costumes you see on the website. Sometimes we incorporate an existing piece of sportsgear for an understructure, but everything you see is sculpted, molded, cast, and painted by our artists. We are not a mass market reproduction house. We are a small run, hand-made, high end costume and prop shop. Our costumes are made to be worn hard, put away wet, and used again the next day. The labor costs for time involved in this process and the amount of heavy-duty material utilized generally drives up the cost of the production. However, the end result is a durable, long-lasting costume.

Long-term care and maintenance of costumes

Sun and/or heat are not the friend of rubber, polyfoam, or fiberglass. These costumes and props can be used in any conditions, but for years of continued use, they should be stored in cool, dry conditions, out of direct sunlight. Armor-all will also keep the rubber pieces further protected.

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